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Health & FitnessToday’s guest is Susanna Fier, the Vice President of Public Affairs and Advertising for the Elliot Wellness Method in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In a bid to burnish the extended and insipid Obama presidency, Democrats seized on an unexpected skerrick of good news final month. After years of stagnation, US households enjoyed the largest jump in revenue for much more than 40 years in 2015, the US Census Bureau revealed. Median US household revenue — annual, from all sources, adjusted for the enhance in costs, and just before taxes — enhanced five.two per cent to $US56,500, the biggest rise given that constant records started in 1968. And that followed a three.2 per cent boost in 2014, also among the largest.

The lethal combo of HITECH/ACA/MACRA is primarily a redistribution of payments from nearby medical doctors (and the regional folks they employ) to more affordable semi-skilled and unskilled labor across state lines and across the globe. The positive aspects accrue to international corporations directly and indirectly, since profits in globalized enterprise models are much bigger, and the locus of energy is shifted from geographically anchored specialist knowledge to international technocrats. This is not a disruptive innovation. From the days of Nebuchadnezzar to the East India Firm and beyond, these who wished to rule the world understood that commandeering and destroying local infrastructure and uprooting people are the very best methods to foster compliance with centralized governments far away.

I’ve been suffering from acute abdominal pain for about 3 weeks now. 3 trips to the ER, a 5 day hospitalization, ct, upper gi, endoscopy, and lastly an abdominal mri five days ago. I was supposed to get results on Thursday from the mri, but they had to reschedule my appt until monday. Freaking out, nevertheless in pain, no concept weekday they will tell me on Monday.

FIRM – the Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine is a 501(c)three that researches issues with leadership and governance in wellness care that threaten core values, and disseminates our findings to physicians, health care researchers and policy-makers, and the public at huge. FIRM advocates representative, transparent, accountable and ethical wellness care governance, and hopes to empower wellness care professionals and patients to market far better overall health care leadership.