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Abdominal Fat Loss – Turning Fat Into Firm

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Abdominal fat loss is probably the most challenging area on the body to try and lose weight from and has resulted in an entire industry of machines and workout equipment being manufactured and sold that hardly ever get results. The main reason for limited weight loss in this area of the body is because the body naturally tries to protect its most vital organs by covering them with a protective layer.

Turning this fat into firm, flat abs is all about knowing how to persuade your body that this layer of protection is not needed and that your body is running at optimum level. Fortunately for most of us who dislike hot and sweaty sessions in the gym, this simple lesson can be achieved without having to subject yourself to some intense workout regime.

Your abdominal fat loss strategy consists of three steps.

The first is to cleanse your system and ensure that your digestive tract is able to work effectively. Many diets result in a lowering of the metabolic rate as your body adjusts to eating less food. This lowering of the metabolic rate is also the prime reason that people gain weight after finishing a diet program and going back to their regular eating habits. Your aim is to cleanse out your system, increase your metabolic rate and get your body running at optimum levels. There are numerous cleansing regimens available online, but always consult your doctor before embarking on one and where possible take a couple of days off work as your body will be experiencing new eating habits and may require a little additional TLC.

Abdominal fat loss stage two involves improving your core strength so that your internal organs do not require the additional fat deposits to keep them stable and protected. One of the great advantages of doing core exercises is that they can be done in the comfort of your own home and often only require the use of a exercise ball, a mat and your own body weight. While many of the manufacturers of abdominal muscle machines will say that you need to work your body daily, they make their machines so boring that you stop using them pretty quickly thus reducing the failure factor to you and not the machine itself.

Abdominal fat loss final stage is the easiest of all. This is just to understand that muscle will always weigh more than fat, so dont rely on your scale to give you a clear idea of your progress. Finding the perfect combination of resistance exercises and eating program for you will result in a reduction in centimetres around your belly. So throw your Ab machine away, put your scale in the closet and take out your measuring tape for a slimmer you.