Health Promotion Examples

Health Promotion Examples
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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention are interrelated and intertwined concepts. The health promotion of good health is a way of making a society more healthy by improving the health of the individual. The objective of this is to reduce health-threatening conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, and other diseases. Effective disease prevention involves the use of public education, community organization, and community action. The purpose of this health promotion examples is to give an idea of how health promotion and disease prevention work together.


The first of the health promotion examples is “trickett, the tickets character”. Trickett was a character from a children’s book written by James Thurber. In the book, the character was shown as the representative of physical fitness. A health club was built in his honor and he became the first official “trickett” in America. Programs similar to the one implemented by the American Heart Association are commonly referred to as “trickett” programs.

Self-Esteem And Mental Health

The second health promotion example is “self-esteem and mental health”. The goal of preventive intervention is to reduce health-threatening conditions through education, information, and behavior modification. The third is “family health” programs that include family-based intervention and focus on family-wide health promotion. These include parent education about physical fitness and mental health, family counseling, and participation in neighborhood-based programs such bicycling, walking, and other fitness-based activities.

Weight Management

The fourth of the health promotion examples is “weight management”. There is a research agenda associated with weight control and another agenda associated with reducing health-threatening conditions. Obesity is a major preventable health problem. A portion of the population is obese individuals have higher rates of health problems than do those with a normal body weight. There are several programs and initiatives focusing on weight management.


The final of the health promotion examples is “aging”. Studies are currently underway on ways to improve health and prolong life for people of all ages. Nutrition and healthy behaviors promote healthy aging. Examples of age-related health promotion activities are “rejuvenation,” “mindbody wellness,” and “behavioral health promotion.”


As you can see from the health promotion example examples, the science of health promotion is not static. It continues to evolve and improve. This has been made possible through a combination of public-private partnerships and scientific research. Advances in science and technology have helped make an impact on this field. People are now living longer and the pace of modern life continues to increase. This has led to an improved understanding of the role of stress, emotions, nutrition, physical activity, physical fitness, and mental health in our everyday lives and how to improve them.