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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – Can You Qualify for Insurance?

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – Can You Qualify for Insurance?
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A frequent challenge that lots of Americans come up against when they’re searching for medical insurance may be a few pre-existing medical conditions. As difficult as it might be to take, insurance companies are for-profit entities that are looking for to make sure that their expenses remain low in addition to their revenues remain high. That means they just don’t look favorably upon ensuring individuals who have existing medical problems because which means they might turn out paying out more money than they collect from the insured. However, unlike what exactly is popularly believed, it doesn’t mean you may automatically be denied well-being services from an insurance company.

When underwriting their policies, health care insurance companies take a look at some factors when deciding who to insure and who to decline. For those with pre-existing health concerns, they will look at the kind of disease you have along with the costs associated with treating it. Rather than deny coverage out from the gate, some insurance companies may impose a waiting period (generally about twelve months) before they are going to pay medical bills linked to your complaint. Another option insurance firms may do is charge higher premiums and a lot poorer expenses for your coverage of health.

But whether or not some insurance company will extend those options to you or decline to pay you are going to depend a great deal on the type of disease you’ve. People with treatable diseases, like asthma and high blood pressure level, could have an easier time getting health care insurance when compared to a person having a catastrophic disease, like cancer. To prevent insurance providers from cherry-picking and taking exactly the healthiest people, our government recently passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As of September 2010, children 19 and younger can’t be excluded from their parent’s insurance plan due to a pre-existing condition. Adults get similar protection starting in 2019.

You might be approved for medical health insurance if you might have pre-existing health conditions. The caveat, though, is you could be made to agree to a waiting period or pay higher premiums. Therefore, it is vital that one does pursuit and compare health insurance plans and providers. A website that allows you to grab quotes from several different providers simultaneously can cut along the amount of time you spend seeking insurance. It may take time for it to find the right insurance that can cover your problem. However, should you be persistence you’ll find a plan that suits your requirements.

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