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Breast Augmentation with Silicone, Saline, or Fat Transfer are Safe

Breast Augmentation with Silicone, Saline, or Fat Transfer are Safe
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When women are not pleased with the shape and size of their breast, it can produce a sense of discomfort and her attitude toward others, herself and her well-being can change drastically and make them feel incomplete. The appearance of a woman is important and if she is not satisfied with her looks, she will feel unhappy.

Breast Augmentation with Silicone, Saline, or Fat Transfer are Safe

Beauty and Health are two factors in the life of a woman, if she wishes to modify certain areas of their body, there are solutions today, with advanced technology to change the size and shape of their breast with three different options, Saline Breast Implants, Silicone Breast Implants, and Fat Transfer.

A breast augmentation bellevue wa is a technique to enhance and enlarge the breasts of women who wish to change their size and shape. The implants for breast augmentation depend on each woman; the plastic surgeon and the patient will discuss the different implants and depending on the overall health and the age of the patient, the surgeon will suggest the one that fits their needs.

Fortunately, with the new technology in cosmetic surgery and implants, the patient will be able to see photos in advance of her enlarged breast and how she will look, before she makes the decision, an important fact, to feel comfortable with the size and shape and to be sure that the implant will fit her chest wall perfectly.

Therefore, being the breast the most sensible body part of a woman, the cosmetic surgeon will recommend the implant that he considered the best option for the patient. Silicone Breast Implants are the most popular, they are safe and appropriate for thin women.

The Saline Breast Implants are also safe, and the cost is less than the Silicone Breast Implants. Both implants are recommended and are perfect for young women, and also adult women and both will give them a natural look. Also, there is a new procedure that combines both, Saline with Silicone Gel.

In addition to these two implants, women can choose the Fat Transfer, the surgeon will do a liposuction procedure from the patient flanks, or abdomen and also back and thighs. After purification of the fat, the doctor will inject the breast with the refined fat, to get the desired shape.

Therefore, once you feel comfortable with the type of Implant you wish, the surgeon will do your profile and will talk about the shape, the texture, the implant placement, and the incision type. The shape can be round or tear-dropped shaped, the texture can be smooth or textured surface, and the implant placement is on top of the chest muscle or under it.

The incision type procedure will be discussed, and the doctor and the patient will agree together which one will be the best option in each woman. There are two different locations, one is under the areola and the other incision is near the breast fold. The cosmetic surgeon also will talk about the scars and the methods used before making a final decision.