Doctor and Patient Control

Doctor and Patient Control
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The health reform bill is now setting down new laws that will change how and when we choose to visit with a medical physician. Some individuals visit with a medical physician they have come to know and feel very comfortable. This can occur with dental visits too for those individuals who are experiencing major difficulties with their teeth and gums. Although it has been stated many times, individuals of all ages may continue seeing the medical health care physician they have grown accustomed.

In many instances, the government will now dictate every aspect of your life and it begins with your medical physician and your low-cost health insurance policy. You may intend to continue seeing your familiar medical physician, but the government will instead dictate who you will see based on the nearest medical clinic in your local area.

In the near future, the Internal Revenue Service will be in charge of your health requirements. The medical physician you visit with is obligated to turn over your personal medical records before administering any prescriptions. At the moment, it does appear the health insurance providers will be a fading entity the closer this universal health takes hold. Unless this can be stopped, we the people are about to journey down a path that will possibly lead to the destruction of the country.

The governments answer at the moment is to administer additional and higher tax laws to those individuals who remain in the dwindling work force. What is going to happen in a few years when there are no longer able bodied individuals employed? Why it is the responsibility of the remaining employed to pay for all the government programs? Why is it not possible for the medical physician and his or her patients to take control of the united health care system?

We the people are losing one of the most valuable assets this country has and placing our health into the hands of the government whether we agree or disagree. Medicare and women’s health issues are one of the earliest to feel the wrath of the government meddling into personal medical physician and patient relationships.

This new health system between the medical health community and the insurance providers is a combination that has worked well for many decades. Why it is necessary for the government to now place themselves in the middle and try to monitor every penny instead of being concerned with quality care that most of the citizens have enjoyed and come to expect.