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I Am Wearing a Bikini Again

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When a friend told me that she had coolsculpting in Austin TX, I asked her for the dermatologist’s name because I wanted to go there too. We were both at the point where we were wearing one piece bathing suits and coverups because we just didn’t like how our bodies were aging. When she showed me her new bikini though, I knew that I wanted to have the same procedure done on my own problem areas. Aging is never fun, but thankfully we have science and medicine on our side so we can still cling to our glory years a lot longer than what we could in the past.

I had heard of coolsculpting in the past, but I never realized what it was. I just thought it was something the younger girls did when they did their tanning. I could not have been more wrong. This is a way for women to lose problem fat areas that does not use any kind of invasive process. It does not involve surgery, injecting anything in the body, or anything of that nature. It is a really neat concept that only takes about 35 minutes per treatment.

She told me that it is actually quite relaxing, and it did not take long for her to be able to notice a difference. All I knew was she looked absolutely incredible in a bikini, and I knew that she would not have worn one of those at least in the last five years or so. After I had a series of treatments done with the coolsculpting, I went out and bought my own bikini. It feels so amazing to not have to cover up anymore, and it feels good to just feel amazing every day now, especially the days where I go to the beach with family and friends.