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Looking for a Medical Assistant Assistant Job That You Will Love

Looking for a Medical Assistant Assistant Job That You Will Love
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Physician assistant jobs are expected to grow in the next couple of these years, especially within small communities and inner cities. The focus on saving money within the health care community has a lot to do with this growth. Physician assistants are able to bring costs down by helping doctors perform many of the essential functions in the medical offices and facilities.

Becoming a physician assistant

Those interested should have a college degree or some experience in the health care field, this will allow them to gain entrance into an accredited training program. After graduating from the program and passing a national level exam a license to practice can be obtained.

Able to work with doctors and surgeons

Employment opportunities are so accessible in this field and expanding so quickly because physician assistants are able to work with doctors and surgeons. The training that they go through allows them to perform a lot of the same duties in an office setting as a doctor would and they can also prescribe medications. The amazing fields that are available for PA’s to work in are general internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine. Other specialties are available and include pre-operative and post-operative surgical care.

The environment for this job is fast-paced and exciting

The schedule allows candidates to experience all of the different shifts and the environments they breed. The atmosphere is usually a comfortable and well-lit one, but there can be long periods of standing if working a surgery rotation. The hours can vary as well depending on the type of practice. Some offices have set schedules, some are on call twenty-four hours a day and some have rotating shift work.

During the coursework phase of obtaining a physician’s assistants license, one will study medical ethics, biochemistry, pathology, anatomy, pharmacology, diagnostics and clinical medicine among other areas. Specialty areas are also part of the coursework and can range from prenatal care to geriatrics. After interning the rotation in any given field can lead to permanent employment.

The license is current and up to date

In order to extend an offer of employment the doctor or medical facility that one has been interning or working at will want to make sure that your license is current and up to date. The laws for licensing differ depending on the state and each one has it’s own board that oversees the testing. To remain certified PA practitioners must complete one hundred hours of education that is medicine-related every two years. Re-certification is done every six years.

Going into medicine rather than medical school

This is a great field for someone who wants to go into medicine but doesn’t want to go into medical school. All facets of the health care industry are important and this can be a great way to start in the field and see if transitioning to the role of a doctor or possibly surgeon is something that would interest you.

A wonderful decision

Making the decision to join the medical field in one of the many physician assistant jobs is a wonderful decision. The opportunity to help the public and make a difference in their health and well being is one of honor, compassion, and love. The many patients that will be seen will be grateful and you will be a bigger and more enlightened person for it.