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Take an Authentic Texas Country Music Tour

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When you are visiting Texas, whether it is your first time, or your umpteenth, you likely want a taste of the country music that the south is famous for. Texas turns out many a famous country music star, so it is only natural that you would want to be able to see just how these greats play the music they do.

Of course, you can take a tour of studios where the greats started their careers, try to visit their homes and estates, and go to concerts just like you would in your hometown. But if you are really interested in learning how great country music is made in Texas, you should check out the local Guitar Center. Here, you can see burgeoning amateur talents check out the instrument that is going to catapult them to fame. You can also strum a few chords of your own.

Want to know how the greats got to where they are today, to where you recognize their face and voice from almost anywhere? They started out by playing their very first few chords. If you are new to reading music, fear not. You can learn tabs, a simple method use to teach people who do not yet know how to read music.

If you are going to get serious about learning to play classical guitar, you should probably pick up a few readers on reading music, too. But if you are not quite ready for that yet, just stroll into a Guitar Center and talk to a store associate who can help you pick out a guitar that will be accessible to an amateur. You want to check out a guitar that is not too complicated. An acoustic will do just fine, but of course everybody wants to get set up with a bigger and badder one.

If you really need to get into the big guns, you should take advantage of the fantastic deals Guitar Center is offering through Groupons Coupons right now, with 30% off storewide, and even a full $50 off on any purchase. With your new guitar in hand, you’ll be ready to take a proper tour of the home of country.