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The Business of Couple Enhancement Therapy and Products

The Business of Couple Enhancement Therapy and Products
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Couple enhancement therapy is a real therapy process where couples work through their intimacy problems. Couple enhancement products are designed to help couples to explore and improve their sexual intimacy. Both processes are big business for some companies. The couple therapy and product industries are big. They generate hundreds of millions from couples that want to improve their love connection and sex life.

The Business of Couple Enhancement Therapy and Products

The Relationship Therapy Industry

According to the Good Therapy Website, couple therapy was a mental health process that was invented in 1969 by a couple of therapists named Bernard and Louise Guerney. They created this therapy process by focusing on the relationship between the couple and not just on one individual and the therapist. Couple relationship therapy generates hundreds of millions of dollars. There are millions of couples who are paying for this service in order to maintain and to improve their marriages, families and relationships.

Couple Enhancement Product Industry

Couple enhancement products consist of libido pills, vitality serums, powders, oils, gels and lotions. There are also variety of vibrators for couples which include male masturbating devices, female masturbating devices and even some penis enlargement techniques that couples can use as a part of their intimacy. Forbes states that the sex toy industry is worth about $15 billion. Many couples in therapy generate a large portion of this market. The couple enhancement product industry is thriving, and married couples are helping to keep it afloat.

Couples are Willing to Pay to Improve their Relationships and Sex Lives

Many couples want to have a good relationship. They want their marriages to work. They are willing to pay good money to figure out solutions to whatever problems they might be facing. They also want to have a better sexual experience. If they are going to be lifelong mates, they at least want to have the best sexual experience possible. These are some of the reasons as to why couple enhancement therapy and products are now a huge market.

People don’t Talk much about this Business

While the couple enhancement and therapy industry are a huge money maker, it doesn’t get a lot of press. This industry is something that most people will not discuss publicly. It is considered a private matter that only is spoken about behind closed doors. The couple enhancement products are related to sexuality. This in turn is not commonly communicated with most people. A lot of people associate both industries to pornography industry. While pornography is closely linked to enhancement products and sex toys; that does not mean that couple therapy and products fall into this category. Still, many people have a hard time separating these industries.

Enhancement Therapy for Couples has been Proven Successful

Enhancement services for couples does work. While not every marriage will benefit from this procedure, a lot of them do improve. The main thing for couples to realize is that they must be willing to use this psychological technique to make their relationship better. This industry will continue to thrive as long as two people within a relationship are really trying to make their relationship work.